A Brief

After attending two colleges and completing over 140 hours of college credit, I have an extensive, broad knowledge of the liberal arts and sciences. I’ve focused most of my academic journey within the realm of psychology and professional writing, but my experiences and knowledge spans from science to technology. In conjunction with academics, I have experiences in business, technology, programming, and entrepreneurship. 

My academic experiences with science and professional writing began in high school as a writing center tutor for my classmates. After studying English and taking an introductory psychology course, I decided I wanted to study both psychology and professional writing. To date, I have taken courses in literature and scientific research, psychological statistics, editing and publishing, and technical communications.

The Academics

Current Skills

My work outside of the classroom spans several different fields, most of which are technology-oriented.  I have experience building WordPress sites, training artificial intelligence models, operating Adobe Photoshop, and using Topaz Labs software. I am also an experienced digitization artist, and I’m proud to state I have helped countless clients save upwards of 1,000 analog VHS, VHS-C, miniDV, hi-8 tapes.

You can view a showcase of my skills and experience in my business page, located here.

The Resume

A discussion of my past experiences and qualifications.

Josey_Stephen-Resume 2020 FINAL-1